Arts Alliance is the oldest student-run arts group at Northwestern University...

...a school renowned for its breadth of undergraduate-produced programming. Founded by a collection of groups looking to share space, Arts Alliance has grown to become one of the largest student arts organizations in the country and continues to produce work for the Northwestern and greater Evanston communities. 


Arts Alliance began as a collective consisting of the Graffiti Dancers, Garden Party Productions, Thunk A Cappella and the Dolphin Show. Today, our season looks quite different. As the conversations surrounding diverse stories in the arts have evolved over our 45 years as an organization, we have welcomed growth and change in order to remain true to our mission. During our 2015-2016 season, we found clarity in specificity and officially established our Three Pillars as guiding principles.   

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We are proud to produce three mainstage productions, Mee-Ow Improv & Sketch Comedy, and special events throughout the year that all speak directly to our newly clarified mission and associated pillars. We continue to stay committed to creating art that reflects, deepens, and challenges the greater Northwestern community.