December 6-8
McCormick Auditorium

Music by Michael Gore, Lyrics by Dean Pitchford, Book by Lawrence D Cohen

Produced by Emma Franklin
Directed by Annabel Heacock

A coming-of-age story with dark, religious twists.



Featuring Olivia Worley (Carrie White), Paige Dirkes-Jacks (Margaret White), Martina Cavard (Sue Snell), Clare McLaughlin (Chris), Liam Oh (Tommy), Alejandro David Malavet (Billy), Emily Pate-Somé (Mrs. Gardner), Elijah Warfield (Revered Bliss), Madeline Powell (Norma), Carly Mazer (Frieda), Juliet Huneke (Helen), Michael-Ellen Walden (Strokes), Billy Loveman (Freddy), Harry Echtman (George), and Jeremy Sutherland, Olivia Whitmer, and Emma Soden (Ensemble)



Choreography by Gracie Brakeman
Music Direction by Alec Steinhorn
Set Design by Max Han and Marley Smith
Lighting Design by Sarah Friedman and Meredith Mackey
Costume Design by Hailey Brunson
Sound Design by Sharlene Burgos
Props Design by Cas Pent

Stage Manager: Sam Maude
Asst. Director: Amal Salem
Asst. Scenic Design: Sammy Koolik
Asst. Lighting Design: Jack Meynardie
Asst. Sound Designer: Casey Wells
Asst. Producers: Sophia Barron, Rachel Schonberger
Asst. Stage Managers: Gillian Finnegan, Sarah Geltz
Fight Choreographer and Blood Design: Cary Jones
Sound Engineer/Assistant: Chloe Fourte, Casey Wells
Marketing Director/Assistant: Kayla Reardon, Anna Cork
Dramaturg: Billy O’Handley
Graphic Designer: Rachel Hawley
Outreach Director: Jessica Nekritz